Economics, Sociology of Labor and Demographic

Digitalization of HR processes: SMM in HR

Authors: Semina A. P.


In modern conditions of total digitalization of all management and production processes, the issue of working with personnel is one of the most relevant and complex. New directions, new systems come to the aid of specialists, new techniques are developed. One of these methods is to work with staff by promoting an HR brand through social media marketing (SMM). The integration of modern digital technology solutions has changed the basic principles of office work. Due to digitalization, processes in personnel management become more automated, transparent and contribute to more efficient work of employees, as well as increasing their motivation. The main result of digitalization is the accumulated structured information in electronic form, which contributes to the faster work of each employee of the company, reduces the risk of errors, reduces the time for processing and analysis of information, reduces the costs of HR processes, helps save time for HR managers and increases loyalty employees to the brand of the employer and so on. At the moment, the digitalization of personnel management processes is becoming one of the most important conditions for a company’s competitiveness in the market, as well as its survival. This article presents Deloitte’s research on recruitment automation, Deloitte and SAP on digitalization of personnel management processes, considers various innovative methods of working with personnel using digital technologies, provides examples of the use of social networks in personnel management, sets forth the primary tasks for the formation and promotion of an HR brand, considered errors when working with HR-brand.

Key Words

Digitalization, generation Y and Z, recruiting, recruitment, motivation, innovative methods, HR brand, traditional methods, social media marketing, SMM