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Small businesses at the regional level the market of services of technical service

Authors: Mokronosov A. G., Pridvizhkin V. A., Voronin P. G.


The article discusses the regularities and features of the organization of technical service of equipment that is part of hazardous production facilities, as a necessary institution of the market economy. The problem of developing an effective technical services industry in the domestic industry is particularly acute in the light of large-scale tasks for accelerated technological re-equipment of Russian enterprises, the solution of which is complicated by significant wear and tear of their fixed assets and limited investment resources. This contradiction is very clearly observed in the process of market transformation of the production of bridge cranes intended for moving, unloading and loading heavy loads at enterprises of various sectors of the economy. On the example of the activity of LLC “Podnimenergoservice” the tendencies of formation and development of the regional market of technical service of bridge cranes are revealed, the role of small enterprises in the management of the resource of safe operation of this equipment at industrial enterprises of the Sverdlovsk region is revealed. The principle of long-term partnership between manufacturers and consumers of bridge cranes with specialized repair companies, including measures for state support of small businesses in the field of technical service, is justified. The framework of the research methodology consists of the provisions of the institutional theory, the concept of quality management, competition theory, functional and cost analysis.

Key Words

Technical service, cranes of bridge type, resource of service, competitiveness, types of defects, repair work, small enterprises, state support