Investments and Innovations

Actual problems of managing innovative activity of industrial personnel

Authors: Belkin V. N., Belkina N. A., Antonova O. A.


The innovative environment of enterprises depends on many factors, which together either support or do not support stakeholders involved in innovative activities. In general, the innovative environment in which Russian enterprises are located can be described as follows. Weak state support for enterprises exhibiting innovative activity. The cost of innovative development, experimental design and research work of the Russian Federation spends 1.3% of gross domestic product. A completely different situation in the developed countries of the world. So, for example, similar expenses of Israel make up 4.7% of GDP, Sweden – 3%, Japan – 3%, USA – 2.7%, EU – 1.9%, China and India – 1.8% of GDP [9]. The volume of the domestic Russian market for innovative products is less than 1% of the world. It is smaller than in the USA by 192 times, Japan – by 85 and China – by 15 times. Less than 5% of registered inventions become objects of commercial transactions. Only 1% of the results of scientific and technical activity are in the economic turnover, while, for example, in the USA and Great Britain – 70% [5]. The scientific elaboration of the problems associated with the innovative activity of enterprise personnel is insufficient. In economic science, many basic theoretical questions remain unexplained. All this complicates the innovative activity of enterprises, many questions remain open, including those related to the management of innovative activity of enterprise personnel. Our studies of the innovative activity of personnel at a number of industrial enterprises show that only about 40% of workers respect and support rationalization workers. Numerous results of opinion polls confirm that the real system of labor relations of enterprises is unfavorable for employees to display innovative activity. To overcome the negative attitude to the innovative activity of personnel, work is needed to manage the innovative activity of employees. This study is devoted to urgent problems of managing innovative activity of personnel of industrial enterprises.

Key Words

Personnel management, goal-setting, strategy of innovative development, innovative potential, change management, management system of innovative activity of personnel, conditions of implementation and indicators of evaluation of innovative potential