Particularity economic and social development of regions

Research of problems and prospects for the socio-economic development of intra-city municipalities of the city of Sevastopol

Authors: Shunevych O. B., Петрова P. A., Chernaya D. S.


The article deals with the problems and prospects of development of intracity municipalities of the city of Sevastopol. The insufficient effectiveness of normative documents on socio-economic planning in the region for the development of municipalities is substantiated, due to the existing problem of interaction between the governing bodies of the local level and at the level of the subject of the Russian Federation. This conclusion proceeds from the state of development of municipalities of the city of Sevastopol today in the field of information technology, finance, entrepreneurial activity, etc. To improve the state of socio-economic development, it is proposed to create normative acts on strategic planning of municipalities based on their regional characteristics, using best practices of local government in the Russian Federation. The article presents a SWOT analysis of the socio-economic development of municipalities of the city of Sevastopol, on the basis of which a comparison is made of the level of development of the city of Sevastopol with the best practices of local self-government of the Russian Federation in order to improve the strategic planning of its intra-city municipalities. The conclusion is made about the significant potential for the development of municipalities due to the characteristics of this region and the possibility of improving the vectors of socio-economic development due to the integrated work on the creation of local regulatory acts on strategic planning. Such strategies are necessary for understanding the characteristics of each municipality and a competent approach to the development of the territory in question. At the same time, the developed strategy for the development of municipalities should include the solution of such issues as tax revenues to the budget, competent distribution of budget funds, the problem of unemployment, public awareness of changes in legislation, development and support of small and medium-sized businesses. With the help of a well-developed strategy, municipalities will be able to optimize budget expenditures, attract additional investments, create a positive image and improve the living conditions of the population.

Key Words

Strategic planning, municipalities, city of Sevastopol, socio-economic development, local government, best development practices, tax policy, informatization