Particularity economic and social development of regions

Assessment of potential and peculiarities of socio-economic development of regions of the Ural federal district

Authors: Demyanenko A. E.


Tightening the conditions of competition, reducing production activity, significant wear and tear of fixed assets, reducing the standard of living of the population, bring to the fore the need to solve the problem of optimization and intensification of activities in the aspect of social and economic development of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The development of the regions is implemented on the basis of the available potential and on the effectiveness of their use. Optimization of measures for the development of regional economies involves identification of additional reserves, determination of the level of underutilization of potential opportunities. The socio-economic development of the regions necessitates the measurement, assessment and measurement of the effectiveness and completeness of the use of available capacity. The assessment of the development potential of the regional economies of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation requires an integrated approach in its research process. Analysis on the basis of an economic and mathematical model makes it possible to assess the potential for development and to determine the estimated characteristics of gross regional product. This development is carried out on the materials of the regions of the Ural Federal District. Issues of essence, structural elements, measurement and use of development potential of regional economies are investigated. The article considers the peculiarities, trends and regularities of the socio-economic condition and development of the regions included in the Ural Federal District, studies the key factors of their development potential, and develops and implements methodological approaches to assessing the levels of development potential of the studied subjects of the federation, the efficiency of their functioning and the dominators of further development. The formed system of key indicative indicators of the development potential of the economies of the regions, summarized the criteria of the volume of fixed assets, costs for information and communication technologies, the level of employment of the population, natural and resource potential, specialization of the regional economy, the level of turnover of small businesses, consumer and investment portfolio and a number of other criteria factors.

Key Words

Capacity, entrepreneurship, productivity, development, regional economy, specialization, structure, efficiency