Environmental Economics and Social Ecology

Rare-earth sphere industrial structures’ competitiveness growth by means of integration processes

Authors: Zykova V. E.


During recent years a lot of scientists around the world have marked out that the basic driver of growing economies is powerful corporations and united business groups with a character of big entrepreneur systems. The world experience shows that the only one way which leads to formation of competitive industrial structures is a capital concentration and production powers, their integration according to technological principles, what improves efficiency of production by means of reduction of productive, transaction expenditures and indirect taxes for intermediate products. Taking into account the present situation in the field of exploring, mining and production of rare-earth metals and its development problems the integration processes are necessary in this sphere. Besides, it is obligatory to create efficiently-managed production organization and sell of products, regarding natural, technological and economic factors. It needs assistance of this company’s integration in the world market and maintenance of competitiveness at the world market for the capitalization’s growth. That is why the initiator of an integrated company must be the state with this kind of experience.

Key Words

Rare-earth metals, Russia, China, industrial integration, scale effect, foreign investments, state.