Optimization of project organizational structure of construction companies in the modern conditions

Authors: Uteeva A. S.


Development of enterprise regardless a type of economic activity depends to organizational management. Efficient distribution of authorities, setting of internal coordination mechanism, creation of efficient communication schemes are possible with properly projected organizational structure of management. Due to specificity of construction company’s management object where the key index is a successful realization of investment and construction project, issue of design of adaptive organizational structure which meets all the requirements is quite crucial. According to an object’s scale project organization structure can be introduced in matrix form of management or projected as independent subsystem of integral organizational management at company. In the case of projects realization in the scales of state-private partnership, construction of large industrial (civil, transport, military and hydro technical) object the management system of construction company forms a separated sub-system. Design process of separated organizational structure for realized project embraces formation of administrative and industrial management structure. Design of administrative management structure combines interaction of economic, technological, information and coordination functions and allows assessing risks of production schedule failure, supply (selection of material analogs, equipment) and working hours. Design of industrial management’s organizational structure suggests distribution of objectives between line personnel, coordination of internal interactions and rotations in cases of possible changes. In the modern conditions administration of construction company tries to optimize organization of works. Adaptation of organizational management structure to internal and external factors leads to improvement of management system which focuses on efficiency, minimization of financial, time and labor expenditures. The paper considers scientific and practical improvement aspects of project organizational structure’s management. The author exposes features of project organizational structure’s design and forms optimization criteria.

Key Words

Construction company, project organizational structure, design, economic efficiency, deputation of authorities, manageability norms, infrastructure of enterprise, structural principles of H. Fayol, optimization of organizational structure.