Public Economics

Program-targeted approach as a form of World War ii veterans’ social support

Authors: Bistyaikina D. A., Palibina A. S., Solovyeva T. V.


The paper considers the features of program-targeted approach to World War II veterans’ social support and also people equaled to them. The authors provide characteristics for program-targeted approach and its features on the base of federal and regional legislation of the Russian Federation. The term “targeted program” is defined. The article analyzes investigations about urgency of program-targeted approach application in various spheres of the society’s development. It also researches the significance of regional component in targeted programs’ realization in social support of these people. The authors have analyzed the basic targeted programs of Mordovia Republic; they underline these programs’ significance in World War II veterans’ social support. The article defines that program-targeted approach has historical roots because it is found on the base of aged people social support system. The paper marks out the basic program events of Mordovia Republic targeted programs aimed at social security and social service of this category. It provides quantitative and qualitative characteristics of these republican programs and sub-programs realization as “Social support of citizens”, “The older generation of 2014-2018”, “Comfortable housing and utilities for citizens of the Russian Federation”. The authors define basic obstacles in targeted social programs realization in the republic. It is marked out that for efficient realization of targeted programs it is necessary to fulfill all the events.

Key Words

targeted program, aged people, social support, social feeling, housing, social service availability