Issue №9 (9) November 2010

Guest online

«Cross-cultural investigations today»
A. G. A.


Poland’s perception of art work by Viktor Astafyev
Lorenz I.

Russian-speaking publications about fashion, issued in Russia form 1779 to 1850
I. O. S.


Russian and foreign practice of economic anti-crisis regulations from 2007 to 2009
V. K. N.

Modern approach to definition of «stable development of enterprises»
A. E. S.

Teaching about cost in the context of modern economic theory
D. A. P.

Influence of modern forms of economy activity on producer’s economic interests
Y. A. P.

Estimation of economic availability of water supply and water communications (by the example of Municipal Unitary Enterprise «Vodocanal», Yekaterinburg)
Y. A. T.

Bill of exchange netting
K. V. K., I. M. B.

Competition’s development on the market of treatment at a health and tourist activity of Krasnodar Territory
V. A. S.


Inclusive upbringing in orphanage
S. A. T.

Political and Historical Sciences

Refugees’ rights protection and forced migrants on the level of Russian Ferderation’s subjects
S. E. S.

About the problem of institutional-rights basis of international integration processes
R. I. S.

Charles de Gaulle and joining of Great Britain in EEC in 1960th. The reasons of opposition
S. S. C.

Regional television: audience’s trust and dependence from government
I. O. T.


Zoomorphic appearances of imps in « Theodora walking on air ordeals » (about symbolizing in medieval book learning)
A. O. B.

Theoretical problems of metaphor’s translation
M. P. S.