Issue №1 (86) January 2018

Discussion Club

Academic gangsterism: the author’s viewpoint
D. Y.  .

Labor and Demographic Economics

Efficiency assessment methods of interaction between labor market and educational service market
M. P. Y.

Public Economics

Regulation of Russian state financial policy in crisis period
T. P.  .


Technological transitivity’s assessment of the Russian Federation copper industry enterprises’ activity
Bazhenov O. V.

Urban and Rural Economics

The basic development tendencies of the capital’s real estate market in the segment of trading centers
M. B.  .

Regional Economics

Anti-crisis policy’s priorities at regional level: selection issues and practical realization
M. C.  .

Country (farm) enterprises in the system of agrarian industry of The Republic of Tuva: development issues and perspectives
Sh. K. V.

Investments and Credit

Investment tax loan as a tool of enterprises’ innovative activity’s stimulation
E. K.  ., A. G. Y., Yu. G. V.

Industrial Organization

Assessment economic model of housing fund’s management efficiency transferred from federal level to municipal property
N. G.  ., E. D.  .

Strategic analysis of interaction between administration companies and external environment
A. O.  .

Management and Marketing

Corporate film in a system of internal and external marketing of an organization
V. Y.  ., R. Y.  .

Accounting and Audit

Segment reporting of responsibility centers as a method of efficient management of organization
N. L.  .