Issue №10 (84) November 2017

Guest online

«Russian system of education’s reforming process has coincided with an academic revolution in the whole world, which changes dramatically an approach to education, and the vocational type in particular»
I. K. A.


Professional judgment as an element of normative regulation of accounting
O. D. A.

Stable development of tourism in the region: approaches to the analysis
N. P. V.

The organization’s analysis of projects’ competition of initiative budgeting in the republic of bashkortostan in 2016
N. R. S.

Pre-revolutionary Russia: some aspects of social and labor relations
O. T. Y.

Social Sciences

Gender aspects of religion and spirituality in modern studies
O. K. V., N. S. S.

Noncommercial organizations in the system of population’s social service
A. P. S., E. P. G., T. S. V., D. B. A.

Comparative analysis of organization forms of social and leisure work with retired people
L. S. I., S. K. S.

Transformation of higher education as a factor of the university teachers’professional risks generation
M. S. V.


Modern problems of the higher school: massification, heterogeneity and learning disability
I. B. M., V. P. B.

Opportunities for functional modeling in solving problems of a children’s library
I. D. N.

Professional self-determination of senior pupils: regional aspect
T. M. A., S. P. V.

Structural components of new officers’ professional adaptation: informative characteristic
S. S. Y.

Rate setting of students’ unsupervised works in descriptive geometry
S. S. A.

Improvement of development process of cognitive universal educative actions for people taught by visual
A. F. V.