Issue №9 (83) October 2017

Guest online

If the deindustrialization tendency of Yekaterinburg remains, the city will lose its image as a support region of our country
V. A. V.


Problems and prospects of economic growth of Russia
A. K. E., M. B. V., M. K. A.

Financing of russian fundamental science in the context of the main features of post-industrial economy
J. K. V., A. S. I., O. K. V., O. V. A.

Foreign experience of interaction between regulatory bodies and subjects of small business
T. O. S., N. K. A., E. S. N., K. V. A.

Introduction and application’s reasonability of the method of total cost of ownership
T. P. V., S. S. V.

Formation of assessment method of professional and cross-cultural potential of hotels’ employees
L. P. A., R. G. R., E. V. N., A. K. I.

Comparative analysis of participative budgeting in city and rural municipalities
N. R. S., A. K. V.

Theoretical approaches to formation of the definition of “reproduction of basic funds”
N. F. Y.

Social Sciences

Social inequality and social conflicts: basic theoretical approaches to the research of the issue
N. B. A.

Volunteerism as an object of branding
A. K. V.


Development of pedagogical competence training’s levels for managers of social and cultural sphere
A. V. G.

Assessment method of competences’ mastering within educational programs of higher education
M. I. N., L. M. A.

The relevance and realization problems of moral education at high school
E. K. V.

The analytic review of teachers’ training programs of work with gifted children in the higher educational institutions of the US
N. Y. B.