Issue №1 (75) January 2017

Guest online

"The more people understand secrets of the universe, the more careful one should do its transformations"
N. T. N.


The infl uence of russian economy’s transitivity on the results of copper industry enterprises’ activity on the example of sc “Uralelectromed”
O. B. V.

Economic potential’s assessment of fi shery organization of far east sardine and japanese mackerel in the conditions of fi shing fl eet’s renewal
K. K. A.

Interpretation methods of classifi ed information reports’ indices to public form
E. K. N.

Infl uence assessment of migration processes on the state and development of labor potential
V. K. V., N. M. V.

In-memory computing technology application for getting competitive advantages in information economics
V. T. A.

Social Sciences

Risk-communication in the sphere of health as a sort of social communication
A. B. O.

Transparency and its types in the context of sociological management knowledge
N. K. B., I. K. T.

Research prospects of local governance possibilities in ethnic confl icts’ regulation
V. M. A.

The internet as a channel of infl uence on religious consciousness formation
I. P. M.

Village-forming enterprises’ liquidation’s infl uence on depopulation of rural districts
V. F. Y.

Youth healthy living of Ural industrial center as a factor of labor resources’ quality improvement
V. S. V., T. S. N., V. P. V.


Integral world outlook formation problem for University students in the logic of competence approach
T. B. V.

Professional training of students at Moscow city Arnold-Tretyakov school for deaf-and-dumb children
A. V. A.

Electronic technologies in teaching foreign languages in Universities
V. D. V.

Аssessment means development algorithm from the position of competence approach for the disciplines connected with information technologies application
A. K. A.

The individual educational route as a condition of implementing inclusive foreign language teaching
T. M. S., M. M. A., E. M. A., S. S. G.

Method of organization and holding of productive (business) game for junior schoolchildren
T. M. M.

Management health saving technologies that realize the information and consultation services
N. S. D.