Issue №8 (71) September 2016

Guest online

"People need to be more mobile in professions, that is ability of mastering new types of activity"
T. V. A.


Economic adaptation’s quantitative assessment of entrepreneurship structures’ management mechanism to demand (on the example of the Republic of Azerbaijan)
S. A. S.

Projects’ realization of state and private partnership in the form of concession
N. V. V.

Dynamic assessment of public company’s fi nancial stability
N. G. A.

Financial modeling as a tool for controlling project-developers’ activity
A. J. A.

Performance appraisal in the situation of organizational changes on the example of commercial banks
N. P. A.

Problems and perspectives of Russian-Chinese economic collaboration’s development
S. P. V., V. S. S., N. K. V.

The state and development tendencies of St. Petersburg’s hotel sector
J. T. G.

Forming of an investment portfolio of the entity in the conditions of multitasking
E. S. B.

Social Sciences

The basic ideas of confl ict resolution: from evident to hidden things
V. G. A.

Solution of the problem of social and psychological rehabilitation of physically disabled people and after heavy diseases by means of musical therapy
M. I. A., N. U. V., A. D. A.

Political confl icts’ features and mediation technologies as possibility of their settlement
V. N. N.

The notion of “village-forming organization” as a missing category of social management
V. F. J.

Experience construction features of computer games’ participants in sociological perspective
A. T. V.


Professional tasks of future masters of industrial training in the development of social-professional competence
I. D. A.

The notion’s analysis of "research activity of pedagogical university’s students"
N. I. V., N. S. S.

Educational self-dependence of open education’s subject
O. S. P.

The variant of discipline’s integration system as a mean for education’s quality growth of technical university’s alumni
O. T. V., N. K. P.

Teaching english to bvi learners
T. M. S., M. M. A., E. M. A., P. S. A.