Issue №7 (7) September 2010


System thinking in music
A. M. D., L. D. D.


Ecology costs expensive
V. S. A.

Classification of approaches and concepts in personnel’s evaluation
N. S. A.

Inequalities’ formation in social and labor relations. Discriminatory inequalities.
Y. T. S.

Personnel as an object of management: definitions and structure
S. V. P.

Unified social tax’s substitution by insurance payments: positive and negative aspects
V. E. M.

About evolution of state’s economic role
I. N. M.

Estimation of organizational and economic mechanism planning efficiency of labor processes
Y. A. P.

Synthesis of audit’s federal standards essential states as a basis of inside company’s standard creation by auditing risk
V. N. K.

Resource-saving as a component of synthesized scientific knowledge formation
A. I. S.


Cross-cultural study of various gender stereotypes in Iran and Russia
Tayebeh N.

Eastern and Western approaches and their differences: Industrial cluster policies and regional development in the age of globalization
R. A. N.

Political and Historical Sciences

Concept and content of political modernization
A. Z. A.

Messianic role of USA and Western countries as a factor of influence on legislative government formation in the republics of former USSR (analysis and conclusions)
T. V. L.

Patient confidentiality as one of the right’s basic elements for privacy
V. V. V.

About rights’ correlation for indication of goods’ origin and places of theirs production
P. A. R.

Main reasons of unemployment in Buryat and Mongol ASSR in 1920th
S. N. B.