Issue №5 (68) May 2016

Guest online

“Till in Russian universities there are departments without young scientists and it means absence of succession and development”
A. B. R.


Competence potential of organizations: content, assessment and development
E. B. V.

Functioning perspectives of the payment system “Golden crown”
J. G. D.

About formation models of effi cient systems of internal control in economic subjects on the example of the state corporation “Rosatom”
I. I. M., A. R. S.

The role of town-forming enterprises in socio-economic development of monotown
A. L. V.

Approaches to assessment of tourism’s stable development in the region
N. P. V., O. S. Y.

Economic sanctions infl uence on structure and branch transformation of the Chuvash republic economy
E. Y. V., A. D. Y.

Social Sciences

Edhocratic structure’s formation of domestic organizations in the conditions of innovations’ development
R. B. S.

Michel Foucault as a founder of the modern sociology of scientifi c knowledge
T. B. A.

Ethos of Russian middle class: the problem of social identifi cation
S. I. A.

Corruption problem in educational sphere: the experience of sociological analysis
O. L. A., E. L. G.

The correlation model of personal and institutional trust: Russian context
A. N. N., E. S. L., A. S. S.

Life cycle of organization and managerial interaction aspects
K. S. B.

Dispositions of students in social confl icts: the sociological analysis
A. U. E.

"Sociologist" from the perspective of professional society
D. S. V., O. R. V.


Foreign language’s teaching optimization in non-linguistic university in transition on the system "bachelor – master’s program"
I. A. A.

Meta-subject approach in formation of personal studying style for junior schoolchild
E. B. A., V. C. E., E. K. N.

“Philosophy” discipline’s potential in structural components’ formation for student’s personality self-development
V. V. V., V. N. V.

Formation of scientifi c and research competences for chemistry teachers
I. E. T., I. S. V.

Upbringing of patriotism as a factor of students’ civil identity formation
V. Z. A., O. S. N.

Pedagogical personnel selection in gymnasiums of Kazan province in pre-revolutionary period
M. P. N.

Composition analysis as a mean of professional skills’ formation for design students
A. S. A.