Issue №1 (64) January 2016

Guest online

“In the conditions of strengthening in the society of such processes as stratifi cation, differentiation and polarization of social groups the role of state is growing dramatically”
V. S. N.


Infl uence of economic restraints on development of industrial enterprise’s corporate information system
S. A. Y., A. S. S.

Factors’ identifi cation of estate market’s investment attractiveness
O. B. V., A. G. D.

Application of territorial marketing tools in a region: effi ciency evaluation
G. K. V.

Agricultural territories’ perspectives as integral index of investment priority’s assessment
A. N. V.

Assessment of risks’ management system of metallurgical industry companies
L. R. A.

About the quality of social and labor relations in regional agribusiness under relevant competition circumstances
O. R. A., Y. P. A.

Estate market development trajectory of Yekaterinburg in the conditions of economic crisis
S. S. G., L. P. Y., V. S. V., M. K. L.

Formation of investment portfolios on stock market
V. S. A.

The features of accounting reports of budgetary and autonomous institutions as information base for fi nancial analysis of activity
A. F. V.

Social Sciences

Role transition in the system of professional education
E. B. S., K. H. L., O. P. I.

Typological analyses of college students’ social activities in the transforming society
E. G. V., A. Z. P.

Functions transformation of international non-government organizations
E. M. I.

Communications’ role in enterprise’s innovative development
M. S. V.

Development factors of territorial self-goverment of Buryatia
O. T. S.


Adaptation process management of junior students: experience, traditions and innovations
N. N. N.

Pedagogical maintainability modeling of scientifi c and practical activity of educational process participants
A. S. A.

The experiment for creation of academic and professional situations at chemistry lessons: personality-oriented approach
S. T. V., T. G. B.

Listening skills development in technical translators training
M. D. V., L. E. A.

Formation of the program and fund of evaluation means for carrying out fi nal academic assessment of universities’ graduates
O. N. V., M. C. Y.