Issue №9 (61) October 2015

Guest online

«While Russian language is alive – Russia is alive!»
N. T. N.


Economic analysis of sunflowers’ stable production in the republic of Bashkortostan
R. A. R.

Features of foresty management of South America
Y. G. S.

Cluster policy and its role in region’s economy specialization
Z. Z. N., A. G. H., Z. M. H.

Being realized in Russia strategies’ classification. Peculiarities of strategic planning of oil and gas sector development
N. K. P.

Formation perspectives of regional monetary system in Latin America
D. K. V.

International practice of transfer pricing regulation
R. K. N.

Social Sciences

Social dynamics of family historical memory of students
E. B. V., A. K. A.

Youth’s professional career success in the transforming society
Y. D. V.

Imbalance of wages in hiring workers on local labor markets
T. Z. V.

Personality’s emotional security in the context of course of life
O. Z. Y.

Mental terrorism as a source of social tension in non-diversified settlements
E. K. K., A. C. L.

The problem of public order security system’s perfection in the Kama River area
I. M. M.

Museum practices as a form of cultural memory and inheritance
L. M. A.

Institutional problems of Russian statehood’s development in the conditions of information society
D. S. V.

Village “Robinsons” as an element of agricultural territorial communities’ social structure
V. F. Y.


Soviet mass song as a carnival genre (on the concept of teaching History of Soviet Literature)
R. A. S., S. K. I.

Analysis of personality’s professional self-development from the position of synergic approach
V. V. V., V. N. V.

Method of assessment academic and research competence in the selection of the master’s degree program
E. Z. I.

Formation model of managerial culture for future managers
D. K. V.