Issue №8 (60) September 2015

Guest online

«For overcoming of import goods addiction the agriculture of Russia needs 8 or 10 years»
B. V. A.


The criteria of state property management system formation in the conditions of innovative economics
L. G. A.

The threat of disconnection of the Russian federation from the swift system
J. G. D.

Adaptation of staff as a part of the control system
M. K. A.

Forecasting tendencies’ models of world internet trading market development
A. O. V.

Searching for alternatives to trade and industrial exhibitions
K. S. V.

The role of information technologies in regional markets’ competitiveness growth
S. S. A., N. Z. S., I. G. G., A. C. D.

Cluster analysis of interregional migration process of China
E. T. V.

Institutional analysis and development prospects of the russian pipe market
S. O. V.

Social Sciences

Runet as a factor of influence on interethnic behavior of youth
O. B. V., E. V. V.

The role of cultural-linguistic factor as a tool of «soft power» in foreign policy of Spain
M. K. L., L. E. B.

The meaning of state holidays for Russians
A. L. D.

Activity’s perfection of information openness for social service institutions
I. M. M.

Management’s potential of informal communications in modern organization
M. S. V.

Library partnership as an element of modern social interaction
N. T. A., O. M. Y., I. K. G.

Comparative evaluation of data quality of online and offline surveys
D. S. V.


Culturological approach to defining of physics teacher’s information competence
E. D. V.

Testing-experimental approbation of quality evaluation system of remote education in university
G. K. V., N. C. D.

The level model of municipal system of adults’ continuing education
L. R. V.

Business game in student designers’ remote education of information technologies
E. S. M.

The main stages of education results’ control
A. F. I.

Yuri Levitansky for school programs: acoustic inception in poetry
N. S. D.