Issue №7 (48) August 2014

Guest online

«Today the state financial aid is got by up to 3% of all needy entrepreneurs»
A. P. A.


Game as a socio-cultural phenomenon
E. D. A., S. F. V.


Financial potential as a factor of university’s competitiveness
L. A. V., I. Z. A.

Diversification of ferrous metallurgy companies in Russia: theoretical and practical aspects
V. B. M.

Indicators for assessing the effectiveness of budget support of the innovation process in the region
D. G. V.

Internationalization of Chinese banks in the conditions of PRC membership in WTO
N. E. A., Kai V.

Natural monopolies in the sphere of housing and public utilities
N. K. I.

Innovation attractiveness evaluation method for AIC enterprises
K. K. A.

Expert community is an important factor of the region’s innovative development
A. P. M.

Russian timber market in the conditions of economic globalization
N. H. V.

Information as factor of economic system development
E. S. Y.

Social Sciences

The problems of sociological investigations’ methodology of social work
I. R. S.

Network society in the context of modern social transformations
L. S. A., M. E. V.

Culture in a labor behavior of worker
N. S. I.


Projecting of creative-technological modules in the educational process
G. A. F.

Integration of professional and applied education direction as a factor of qualified specialist’s formation
M. V. A.

The united electronic educational environment as a basis for higher education system formation in circumpolar world
I. D. A.

Development of general competences for students of professional educational organization through enriching of syntax system at Russian language lessons
A. S. O.

Organization of educational-cognitive activity of senior pupils in the process of preparation to the unified state exam
U. T. A.

Efficiency and problems of word formation tasks for English language teaching
M. H. B., A. H. M.


The problem of lyric ruefulness expression in poetry: theoretical aspect
Y. S. V.