Issue №5 (46) May 2014

Guest online

«The main aim of modern society is an including of reproductive work in the national economy»
N. I. N.


«Human for human is a colleague»: Russian emigrants about Stalin’s USSR in 1940th
A. A. V., V. A. A.

Stages and direction of religious conversion
D. K. S.


Spatial hierarchy of trade flows
A. G. V.

Management of industrial enterprise with application of strategic control tools
A. K. K.

Comparative characteristic of conditions for providing guarantees and compensations for the workers with hazardous or dangerous labor conditions
Y. K. I.

Conceptual approaches to changes’ management in public health organizations
O. K. A., N. K. V.

The formation of the business reputation of the company in conditions of the socially-oriented economy
I. M. A., Y. K. A.

Investment and dividend policy of two-product enterprise
E. P. S.

Methodological basics of national economy’s management
V. S. V., A. P. D.

Social Sciences

Traditions of solving property problems in Bashkir post-reform community
A. B. K.

Territorial income differentiation as a factor of population’s stratification by level of consumption
V. F. Y.

Park of Culture and Rest: from the Soviet past to the Russian present
N. S. L.

Sources of theoretical concepts by E. Erikson on social factors’ role in personality’s development
M. Y. N.


Criterial characteristics of professional qualities’ levels of students
E. B. A.

Professional competence formation for students of technical institutes by means of interdisciplinary integration
O. D. V., N. Z. D., G. T. R.

Innovation of education’s subject as one of modernization’s purposes at the higher professional education
M. P. V., V. M. A.

Professional education as a basic process of professional socialization
L. S. A., T. Z. G.

Opportunities of network interactions in professional socialization of young specialists
E. Y. R.


Zoomorphic images in the creative works by I. Bunin (the cycle «Dark alleys)
K. G. N.

Application of the intertextuality principle in the modern literary studies
L. G. P.