Issue №4 (34) April 2013

Guest online

«In the conditions of market competition the demand of university’s graduates is the most important factor…»
V. R. N.


Human as «God’s image»: anthropological excursion in «Triod Postnaya»
Dumitrake K.

Interrelation of arch-typical identity and students’ personal characteristics


Defining of normative values for key indices of copper industry enterprises’ financial and economical activity
V. O. B.

Optimization of accounting and economical activity analysis of building organizations for management
A. M. Z., B. V. B.

Expenditures formation method of small service enterprises
S. T. Z.

Development and integration of innovative activity management system of custom agencies
V. A. M.

Credit organizations price evaluation peculiarities in conditions of financial instability
V. U. P.

Leader competence in a period of changes
O. Y. P.

Education institute role in Russian innovative economy development
G. A. S.

Innovations as a main factor of stable economical growth
E. S. C., A. N. S.

Social Sciences

The factors which determine specificity of state civil employees’ innovative activity
S. A. N.

Social effect of employment assistance financial programs of region’s population
Y. V. F.

Peculiarities and tendencies for gender culture development in the system of higher education
V. A. S.


Self-consciousness as a condition of personality’s subject formation
N. N. V.

Comparative analysis of foreign and domestic experience of personality-oriented education
I. E. G.

Pedagogical training development in order to prevent deviant behavior of military men
A. O. E.

Professional competence formation model in the context of life safety
A. M. O.

Political and Historical Sciences

Myth and tale in Neil Gaiman’s creative work
V. E. L.

Z. Prilepin in the tradition context of literary understanding of «Russian riot»
I. N. N., S. E. V.