Issue №3 (33) March 2013

Guest online

«Today’s students will become the basic production power of society in 20 years…»
V. S. V.


Christ’s kenosis for Sergey Bulgakov and Dimitry Steniloae’s interpretation
Dumitrake Y.


Small and medium business in modern Russia
F. F. A.

The main development aspects of contemporary Russian book market
B. A. I.

Mechanisms of economy efficiency functioning increase in Sosnovoborsk district of Leningrad’s region
A. T. K.

Analysis of innovative activity financing system in Russia
A. M. K.

Russian ruble convertibility perspectives
D. A. P.

Management report with USALI standard concerning profits and losses in hotel holding
O. D. P.

Social Sciences

Phenomenon «cruel treatment with children» as a scientific category: essence, forms and main factors
A. O. B.

Genesis specificity of Islamic radicalism
N. G. V.

Matrimonial quarrel as a subject of sociological analysis
S. B. P., I. N. R.

Postal tuition in the light of education sociology
D. A. P., Y. V. C.

Influence of employment and life level on migratory increase of region’s population
Y. V. F.


Evaluation of future musicians’ professional and creative development
A. N. V.

Research competences of modern schoolchild: essence and content
V. A. V.

Structural content of mother’s image
S. Y. G.

Becoming a higher female industrial engineering education in Russia in the late XIX - early XX century
N. K. F.

Upbringing system succession of modern seminaries and early Christian schools
E. G. K.

Competence formation in teaching of the discipline «Informational technologies in special education»
A. A. K.

Cultural sphere of the university as a basis of student’s social creativity formation
A. N. M.

Political and Historical Sciences

Concession policy in USSR gold-mining industry (1920th)
D. E. K.


Meeting motive in M. Cvetaeva’s letters
V. E. T.