Issue №2 (20) February 2012

Guest online

«The most valuable thing for us is graduates’ success»
D. G. F.


The archaic myth elements in Soviet culture
V. Е. B.

About reactualization of nature and structure dialectical contradictions research
V. Y. Z.

The behavior of the individual in the ethnic community
I. I. Z.

The philosophic and legal grounds of state structure forms
N. N. L., B. I. T.

Some discursive law analysis aspects
M. A. P.

A horse image in the Yakuts folklore and their traditional culture
V. V. F.

Transcendental conception of German neo-Kantianism culture
V. O. C.


Perspectives of industrial clusters development in modern Russia
A. B. A.

Small businesses society as a modern form of cooperation organization
S. N. E.

Investment politics of a metallurgical enterprise
S. A. I.

Evaluating effectiveness methods of industrial energy consumption management in the region
B. Y. K., A. V. K.

Production reserves management problem in auxiliary production of metallurgical plant
R. R. L.

Features of economic crises influence on economic theory paradigm changes
M. N. M.

About the bank interest role for the engaged resources formation of credit institution
A. P. P.

Competition and competitiveness conceptions analysis of the construction enterprise structures
A. A. S., A. A. A.

Problems and methods of investment climate support in the Russian Federation
F. I. S.

Financial position as a strategic analysis object
M. S. S., V. O. B.

Social Sciences

State service: value system
Yu. B. B.

The city migrant movements in the mirror of public opinion
A. L. G.

Socialization modality
N. Y. Z.

Effectiveness of the labor market intension decrease measures
A. G. K.

The Russian Youth about their unwillingness to participate in the political life of the country: the empirical research results
V. D. R.

The consumer transformation of trading center perception in the local sociocultural field
A. A. R.


Modern conceptions of the individual psychological prosperity
A. S. V.

The study of the phenomenon of Russian folk music in the philosophical and pedagogical literature
I. V. K.

Problem of professional competency formation of high university degree specialists
R. G. L.

Problems of the basic educational programs planning
A. T. M., A. O. P.

Folk artistic crafts museums role in the youth education
V. S. P.


Textual usage of cultural-connoted word-combinations
V. O. A.

Image compound modeling of “Moon” concept in the artistic discourse of modern prose
B. V. V.

Phonostylistic aspect of speech culture in philosophic retrospective
I. I. G.

Historical and cultural background and problems of “literary reputation” concept studies
F. L. M.