Economics, Sociology of Labor and Demographic

Shadow economy and illegal migration: problems and prospects of regulation

Authors: Акьюлов Р. И.


The article examines the phenomenon of the shadow economy, which has a systemic nature, which is manifested in all aspects of the life of the state and society. From illegal socio-economic relations between criminal structures engaged in illegal activities, representatives of state authorities who derive income from the use of official powers, to legal entities - economic entities and individuals who form the shadow part of the economy and thereby evade taxation. The classification of types of shadow economic activity is carried out, with the definition of negative aspects of their impact on the socio-economic development and national security of the country. The article considers the prerequisites for the development of the informal sector of the economy and related shadow incomes of market participants, as well as the characteristics and trends of the shadow market development in the Russian economy at the present time. The concepts of “shadow economy” and “illegal labor migration” are clarified and the causes of these phenomena in the Russian state are revealed. The study assesses the situation in the social and labor sphere, suggests a set of measures to minimize the size of the shadow economy, the shadow labor market, illegal migration and increase the level of national security of the country, including structural reforms in the public administration system and the economy as a whole.

Key Words

shadow economy, illegal migration, illegal social and labor relations, labor market disintegration, economic security of the country, national security