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Study of peculiarities of accounting in France

Authors: Iurieva L. V., Volkhina O. L.


The article is devoted to the organization and maintenance of accounting in France. the regulation of accounting in France is a function of the state. harmonization and the solution of the problems of consistency in the accounting of the European Union (EU) have had and continue to have a significant impact on the accounting and financial reporting of France. The national chart of accounts of French accounting is brought into compliance with the requirements of the fourth EU Directive and includes the following sections: general provisions, chart of accounts of accounting, financial accounting, management accounting, special accounts, special conditions. financial statements should reflect the state of the organization and its business operations on the basis of the concept of “reliable and fair presentation”, and accounting accounts should necessarily comply with the conditions for full and accurate application of accounting rules, taking into account the principle of prudence. This principle involves avoiding the risk of attributing to future periods current uncertainties that can burden the assets and liabilities, as well as profits and losses of the organization. The principle of compliance implies strict compliance with the applicable rules and procedures, and the exact application of accounting rules means the fair application of these rules and procedures in accordance with the understanding of these rules by the persons responsible for accounting, which they should form based on the presence and materiality of transactions, events and circumstances. The consistency of accounting information over a number of financial years implies continuity in the application of rules and procedures. To study these aspects, the article examined the main theoretical and practical provisions on accounting in France, as well as sections of the balance sheet and its structure. The distinctive features of inventory management, revaluation of the value of goods are analyzed. Conclusions are drawn and characteristics of accounting in France are given.

Key Words

balance sheet, reassessment, equity, inventory, audit, external and internal flow, negotiable and non- negotiable assets