Management of industries and large economic systems

Modern conditions for the development of production activities in the industrial sector of Russia

Authors: Muratova M. N., Kamchatova E. Y.


The article examines the objective economic conditions for the functioning of industrial enterprises as an environment for their development. For this, the terms “production activity”, “development” are specified. It is shown that a prerequisite for production activities is the advancement of production costs by investing in production, technology, innovation, raw materials and materials, human capital. The most important sufficient condition is the existence of a goal, for example, to meet the demand for a product, to achieve a given volume of production. It is shown that the development of production activities is a transition to a more perfect use of labor instruments for converting resources into finished products. Based on the terminological analysis, the main trends in the development of the national economy of Russia are shown, including the dynamics of the output of goods and services by basic types of economic activity, as well as the dynamics of the economy of the European Union, the growth rates of industry in the United States. The analysis of the structure of the gross domestic product of Russia is carried out, and the role of the production of high-tech types of economic activity is revealed. The main groups of development problems are identified, including a shortage of resources for development projects, which manifests itself in a shortage of long-term liquidity in the financial market. There is also an insufficiently attractive investment climate in the country, which was the result of pressure not only from internal, but from external factors, including sanctions, the coronavirus pandemic, and increased tensions in neighboring countries. It was revealed that the majority of industrial enterprises operate in the paradigm of dominance of tactical benefits over strategic advantages. The main factors that hinder the growth of investment activity in the Russian industry are shown.

Key Words

Industrial enterprise, development trend, economic sector, economic factor, enterprise development, operating conditions, economic growth, driving forces