Issue №6 (103) Декабрь 2020

Economic and social aspects of business and entrepreneurship

Assessment of ecological and economic potential of the Prarctic Norilsk metallurgical cluster
Bazhenov O. V., Kormachenko P. B.

The essence of an entrepreneurial conglomerate as an organizational and managerial phenomenon in the global economic environment
Firsenko D. V.

Management of industries and large economic systems

Modern conditions for the development of production activities in the industrial sector of Russia
Muratova M. N., Kamchatova E. Y.

Socio-economic aspects of the country economy and world economy

Study of peculiarities of accounting in France
Iurieva L. V., Volkhina O. L.

Economics, Sociology of Labor and Demographic

Shadow economy and illegal migration: problems and prospects of regulation
Акьюлов Р. И.

The impact of the shadow economy on Russia's socio-demographic security
D. B. A., Лизина О. М., Mot`kin V. N.

Features of labor efficiency management in intellectually oriented organizations
Vasilieva A. V.

Бухучет и статистика в народном хозяйстве

The phenomenon of indicative prices in the art market: testing the economic and statistical hypothesis
Kolycheva V. A.

Environmental Economics and Social Ecology

Formation of technical potential for the introduction of unused agricultural land into circulation
Iovlev G. A., Goldina I. I.