Particularity economic and social development of regions

Increasing energy efficiency in Sverdlovsk region as a factor of socio-economic development of the region

Authors: Teslyuk L. M., Dukmasova N. V., Boyarinov А. Y.


The availability and efficiency of the energy resources consumption are very important for the social and economic development of the region. The energy intensity of the gross regional product (GRP) is determined by many different factors and takes on different values in the regions of the Russian Federation. It depends on the natural and climatic conditions, the GRP sectoral structure, the characteristics of technological development and the culture of energy consumption of economic entities. The article examines the activities of the energy resources provision and using in the Sverdlovsk region based on the analysis of the fuel and energy resources consumption for various sectors of the regional economy in recent years. The article is also attempt to identify the problems and find the ways to solve them in the most socially significant areas of regional economy. The study of the region’s fuel and energy balance in the period from 2016 to 2018 showed that households in the region rank second in terms of energy consumption after industry, mainly, due to the consumption of a large amount of thermal energy. The main attention is paid to the current communal infrastructure situation and the results of the housing and communal services activities in connection with the importance of ensuring a decent level and quality of life for consumers, as well as reducing the negative consequences of growing energy resources tariffs. The lack of competition in production, transmission and sale of all types of energy, the legal framework imperfection and the ineffective management of unitary utilities enterprises impede the modernization of utility networks, the introduction of high-tech solutions and a decrease in the volume of private investments. The development of public-private partnership is one of the priority directions in the field of regional policy of energy conservation and energy efficiency.

Key Words

regional economy, energy resources, housing and utility infrastructure, GRP energy intensity, Energy balance, Energy service