Economic and social aspects of business and entrepreneurship

Using the corporation's stock network in a lean manufacturing system

Authors: Lapenkov V. I.


It shows the possibility and demonstrates a number of examples of using the Corporation's stock network in solving a number of tasks of lean production. These tasks include: representing the value creation process as a sequence of flows; visualizing this process; determining its throughput; and localizing the losses associated with it. The stock network of a Corporation represents its financial turnover in the form of a set of funds corresponding to its phases and connected by financial flows to each other, as well as to the external environment. A financial Fund within the Corporation's stock network is a separate part of its assets accumulated in one of the phases of its financial turnover. It is shown that the stock network can be successfully used in a lean production system. It allows you to imagine the value creation process as a combination of internal and external financial flows. Characterizes its throughput as an indicator of ordinary activity. Localizes certain types of losses: loss of a part of created assets; deterioration of their quality; the size and scale of additional (transformative) activities. A graphical representation of the stock network is a good way to visually inform senior managers of the Corporation about the state of the value creation process at the level of financial turnover as a whole, as well as each of its separate phases – production, sales of products, stay of assets in monetized form and provision of production resources. The simplest and most accessible – the basic configuration of the stock network can be created on the basis of the Corporation's public financial statements using a software product that is publicly available on the Internet.

Key Words

lean, visualization, Stock network, Asset inventory, Flow, Financial turnover, Value creation