Issue №2 (93) Апрель 2019

Business Economics and Entrepreneurship

Organization of the internal control system within the regulatory activity agricultural enterprises
Зырянова Т. В., Загурский А. О.

Digital technology as an element of reducing the risks in the construction
Корабельникова С. С., Корабельников С. К.

Socio-economic aspects of insurance market: modern tools for promoting
Румянцева А. В., Румянцева Е. И.


Russian consumer in digital economy
Чернова В. Ю.

Particularity economic and social development of regions

Factors and dynamic of development tourist flows of sphere hospitality in the Republic of Сrimea
Стахно Н. Д., Плугарь Е. В.

Labor and Demographic Economics

Influence of allowances for 1st and 2nd newborn child on poverty
Гришина Е. Е., Цацура Е. А.

Public Economics

The appearance of social-vulnerable families as a consequence of the shadow economy
Бистяйкина Д. А., Лизина О. М.

Theoretical approaches to risk assessment of small enterprises
Орлова Т. С., Сухова О. В., Тимошин А. А.