Social patterns of economic development of society

Investing in a healthy lifestyle: analysis and forecast on the example of the city of Berezniki

Authors: Shilov V. V., Prokopets V. V., Butorina A. K.


Theoretical and practical approaches to the study of the importance of a healthy lifestyle in the Soviet and post-Soviet periods are analyzed. Considered regulatory acts aimed at preserving the health of the population, the development of physical education and sports. The opinion of student youth on the state of the material and technical base for physical education and sports is presented. The role of the population in the socio-cultural sphere of agglomeration is indicated. Shows the attitude to the commercialization of sports and recreation complexes, the role of physical education and sports in the prevention of crime and the place of older people in the complex, multidimensional process of formation and development of a healthy lifestyle. A statement is being made about the need to increase funding for the creation of new and modernization of existing physical culture and sports facilities, which will help increase productivity, reduce crime, prevent labor outflows, and improve the quality of life of the population in each specific territory of the Russian Federation.

Key Words

health, life expectancy, active lifestyle, man-made disaster, reduced migration, crime, young people, older people, mental and physical health, human capital