Economic and social aspects of business and entrepreneurship

Empirical Analysis of the Transformational Leadership of an International Company

Authors: Kalabina E. G.


The article substantiates that the transformational leadership means a focus on the individual approach of the company’s management to employees, as a combination of inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and idealized influence. It was emphasized that the changes in the approaches to leadership were associated with the complication of management processes in large companies, dynamic changes in the organizational structure of business structures, the failure to recognize the hierarchy as the dominant principle of administrative activities. New predictors characteristic of the transformational leadership related to the emergence of new business models were discovered. The importance of the leadership style in the management system of a large international company was determined, which imposes new requirements for the development of predictors. This type of leadership has been studied on a specific example of a major international company using the sociometry method - a survey of line managers of the company. Special attention is paid to identifying factors, possibilities, and limitations of applying the transformational leadership as the actual management practices in the management system of an international company and the development of recommendations for spreading it in the future. The survey results can be used for building a management system by companies, as well as by the experts dealing with the management style modeling.

Key Words

transformational leadership, international company, management, sociometry, dynamic changes