Business Economics and Entrepreneurship

Mechanism for Managing and Optimizing an Investment Project Using the Network Modeling Method

Authors: Popova I. N., Anikina D. L.


This article is dedicated to the management of an investment project in the enterprise. Competent investment management with maximum savings of resources is more important to newly established enterprises, since it is a successful start that guarantees the maximum positive economic effect in the future, both for the enterprise itself and for the country’s economy as a whole. The high level of competitiveness and performance of a business entity is largely determined by the quality of its investment project management. Opinions of more than 15 authors whose points of view had diametrically opposed directions of scientific thought were analyzed within the framework of the review of modern approaches to the investment engineering methods and investment project management efficiency assessment methods. Despite the diversity of theoretical and methodological developments in the field of managing investment projects of the enterprise, no universal mechanism for managing a project that would meet contemporary needs in modern works of both foreign and domestic scientists exists at the current level of the scientific through development. This article offers, tests, and substantiates a mechanism for managing an investment project using network modeling methods that includes 4 key blocks based on the means of optimizing the resources consumed: responsibility matrix; block of goal setting issues; the actual field of actions and decision making; the field of information support. The advantage of this algorithm is, first of all, the possibility of its implementation and use from the earliest stages of the enterprise life cycle. Besides, this model is extremely mobile and flexible, so we can surely call it multi-purpose.

Key Words

investments, investment planning, management, investment management, risks, network planning, network management, optimization, resource management efficiency