Issue №6 (91) December 2018

Business Economics and Entrepreneurship

Mechanism for Managing and Optimizing an Investment Project Using the Network Modeling Method
Popova I. N., Anikina D. L.

Economic and social aspects of business and entrepreneurship

Empirical Analysis of the Transformational Leadership of an International Company
Kalabina E. G.

Tax planning and some aspects of tax accounting policy
Manakova E. V.

Particularity economic and social development of regions

Interrogation of Institutional Factors of Socio-Economic Development of the Depressive Northern Border Ethnic Region
Volkov A. D., Kozyreva G. B., Morozova T. V.

Social Adaptation of Rural Migrants: Theoretic and Empirical Aspects of Research
Lushnikova O. L.

Marketing Potential of the Agroindustrial Complex of the Sverdlovsk Region
Razorvin I. V., Usova N. V., Danilov N. A.

Environmental Economics and Social Ecology

Issues and directions for ecologization of tax system in Russia
Mochalova L. A., Grinenko D. A.

Social patterns of economic development of society

Investing in a healthy lifestyle: analysis and forecast on the example of the city of Berezniki
Shilov V. V., Prokopets V. V., Butorina A. K.