Issue №3 (88) May 2018

Environmental Economics and Social Ecology

Assessment criteria substantiation of “green” economy and their use in the modeling system Simulink
Побединский В. В., Вукович Н. А.

Economics, Sociology of Labor and Demographic

Analysis of social and cultural conditions influence on demographic processes in  Surgut
Бутенко Н. А.


Stimulating the innovative activity of the organization’s staff on the basis of corporate culture
Белкин В. Н., Белкина Н. А., Антонова О. А.

Car insurance problems today, transformation options and growth points
Соловьева Ю. А.

Management and Marketing

Risk management role in university’s competitiveness administration
Заярная И. А.

Urban and Rural Economics

Providing dwelling for young family: rent or mortgage
Придвижкин С. В., Шилиманов М. Н., Ильюшин А. А.

Public Economics

Competitive relations formation in regional system of population social maintenance (on the example of Sverdlovsk oblast)
Журухин Г. И., Мокроносов А. Г., Илларионов И. В.

Population financial literacy as a basis for financial behavior optimization in globalization conditions
Синельников М. В.

Quantitative analysis of investment projects risks (on the example of engineering branch organization)
Шагиахметова Э. И., Сердарова М. С.

World Economics

Loan fund and its role in destabilization of the world financial market
Рагимов Р. А.

Russian economic policy in relation to countries of East and South-East Asia
Степанов Н. С.

Accounting and Audit

Stocktaking features of construction contracts in engineering organization on demand of IFRS
Илышева Н. Н., Савостина О. В., Молдобаев Т. Ш.