Issue №11 (85) December 2017

Guest online

«Our goal is to form professionals with critical thinking, who are able to study social problems, plan managerial actions and assess consequences correctly»
M. P. V.


Professional burnout of medical staff: characteristics and ways of risks’ reduction
I. N. M.

Gender aspects of women participation in corporate business and entrepreneurship
I. T. N., I. P. V.

Industrial system participants’ interaction of vertical-integrated company on the principles of sharing economy
N. U. N.

Efficiency assessment method’s improvement of entrepreneurship development state programs
T. K. S., G. T. S., T. S. L.


«Pension nihilism» as a social practice: defining of an issue
S. A. B., O. V. I., I. C. V.

Realization of school leavers’ needs for getting degrees in humanities in modern conditions
A. G. D.

Hybrid identities of diasporas’ representatives: tatar case in the US
L. I. G.

Basic discussion points at the formation stage of “memory studies”
A. N. A.

Separation of foreign specialists of high proficiency: parameters and signs
A. S. S.

Transformation and post-modernization’s ways of higher education system: comparative analysis
D. Y. N.

Social Sciences

Projecting of educational process for students with special studying abilities on the base of information and communicative technologies
T. G. I., A. U. V.

Improvement interactive forms of supplementary education pedagogues’ vocational competence
M. D. A., O. T. N.

The issue of filling and interaction of studying content components in the modern educational process
I. K. Y.

The problems of training teachers-tutors (the review of foreign experience)
A. K. M.