Issue №7 (81) August 2017

Guest online

“Mythological perception is something alive, primal, what stays with a human forever”
G. T. M.


The key aspects of disabled people’s employment issues in Russia
M. B. D.

Тhe problems of reforming early retirement for work in hazardous working conditions
Y. G. M., E. G. E.

Formation’s directions of social and economic effect of remote trade
R. D. R.

The pricing of educational services of higher educational institutions
N. Z. M., M. P. S.

Approaches to the structure of time in pre-scientifi c literature
J. K. A.

The features of structure and content of the charter of the construction project within the concept of “LeanConstruction”
S. P. V., O. B. V.

Social Sciences

Pilgrimage phenomenon’s transformation in the modern society
A. V. S., N. K. B., E. P. E.

Bureaucracy as a factor of state administration’s functionality’s decrease
E. K. E.


Organization of educational process in cadet corps in emigration conditions (Egypt, 1920s)
A. A. V., V. A. A.

The pedagogical system of phylosophy by Kant and its meaning for the spiritual life of modernity
R. B. A.

Theatrical activity in the conditions of inclusive foreign language education
V. V. V.

The roots of a pedagogue’s world outlook eth-ics’ formation in russia (on the example of national region of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia))
A. N. D., S. F. A., A. N. D., S. F. A., A. N. D., S. F. A., A. N. D., S. F. A., A. N. D., S. F. A., D. D.

Infl uence of intercultural space on the education system of the personality in the territory of Zabaykalsky krai
R. N. V.