Issue №5 (79) May 2017

Guest online

“In Russia we fi ght for publications in the journals of “Scopus” or “WoS”, but in Western countries they fi ght for citing”
N. P. G.


Analysis of the local government’s state in Zabaykalsky krai
A. B. A., V. B. S., E. V. N., O. S. A., B. N. B.

Urgent tendencies and development perspectives of online retail in Russia
M. B. D.

Risk management in business
D. D. A., N. K. D.

Introduction conditions of the project control system in higher education institution
I. Z. A., V. K. V.

Management features of marketing and sales in the sphere of hospitality and tourism
M. K. V., E. V. N., E. I. L., A. L. N.

Expert assessment of a trade organization’s business reputation
E. M. A., A. N. F., M. M. M.

Evaluation of trends, characterizing the health care development level in Russia
Y. S. Z.

About banks’ reliability’s rise for legal persons
G. S. N.

The use of expert method in assessing the impact of regional tourism cluster
A. S. A.

Social Sciences

Social services market: development ways and socioeconomic consequences
L. V. I., N. N. N.

Teenagers’ suicides’ reasons in opinions of student youth
A. M. V., N. S. A., A. N. N.

Social planning of citizens’ tourist activity
A. N. N., P. L. V.

Personality life career: life span socialization or life drama
K. O. M., S. O. V.

Non-diversity’s infl uence on degradation of school education system of rural district
V. F. Y.


The development of students’ teamworkskills in the foreign language lessons
A. N. D., A. M. D.

Information and computer technologies in foreign language training of cadets as a factor of successful job placement
A. P. V., Kh. G. S.