Issue №3 (77) March 2017

Guest online

«Some facts tell that the next wave of immigration is close»
A. A. V.


Human assets of the enterprise as category of accounting
N. I. N., N. G. V.

Perspective tendencies of B2B marketing’s development
E. I. L., A. L. N., E. B. A.

Sverdlovsk oblast labor potential’s development: retrospective aspect
V. K. V., N. M. V.

Benchmarking as tool for competitiveness’ management of hotel services
M. L. Y., E. I. L., A. L. N., E. P. A.

Optimal strategic plan’s formation stages for program products’ production
I. P. E., R. S. V.

Planning audit of fi nancial reporting: methodological aspect
M. S. L.

Social Sciences

The role of regional offi ces of russian parties in the maintenance of public stability
S. K. V., N. S. I., E. S. L.

Cultural and sociological aspect of «the course of the russian history» by V. O. Klyuchevsky
V. S. M.

Qualitative methodology’s application for study of school confl icts
D. S. M.


Museum pedagogy in patriotic upbringing of schoolchildren
S. A. V.

Problems of organizing a regional professional development system for teaching staff
V. B. A.

Information technologies’ application method for development of expressive speech for pre-school children with moderate mental retardation
A. B. L.

Theoretical training of students of pedagogical specialties in the implementation of career guidance activities in educational institutions
V. G. A.

Youth’s patriotism formation problems in the context of transforming processes of russian society
S. K. S., T. L. A.

Safe behavior formation for children of 4-5 years old
T. P. V., L. S. S.

Integrated excursion’s organization experience for objectives’ solution of the discipline «quality control»
V. F. Y.