Issue №11 (74) December 2016

Guest online

"We must talk about it more often because the modern art meets a lack of modernity’s shortage in our society"
T. G. A.


Effi ciency assessment of food import phase-out
T. B. V.

Elaboration of accounting policy for management accounting on the basis of IFRS principles
I. N. Y.

Russian small business effi ciency improvement by means of cloud services application
L. O. S.

Harmonization problems’ analysis of investment and innovative policies
M. P. V.

The internet development forecasting and modeling in Russian Federation
S. P. V., T. G. S., J. P. S.

Financial tools for investment activity’s activation
G. S. N.

Contractor’s checkup: additional possibilities for business
I. S. A., D. Z. M.

Company innovative activity’s strategic management as a base for effi cient administration
V. C. Z., M. A. M.

Social Sciences

Socio-cultural conditions of innovations’ appearance in art
A. K. A.

Socio-economic factors of self-determination of a modern family
A. M. V., F. M. A., V. P. V., N. S. I.

Newspeak of twenty fi rst century as a signifi er of social and cultural change
A. O. M.

Village-forming enterprises liquidation infl uence on social desertifi cation of rural territories
V. F. Y.

Ethnic stereotypes among students
E. S. V.

Linguistic and semantic analysis of the lexeme “security”: socio-cultural approach
O. Z. B.


Academic fraud in universities: how can we oppose it?
E. B. R.

Unsupervised work as a key stage of self-education
M. B. L., I. Z. A.

National art culture as a mean of professional competence’s development of future pedagogue-musician
T. K. D., I. E. V., L. P. A., V. K. I., V. D. V.

Healthy living sets’ formation for subjects of educational process
I. M. E., D. T. V.