Issue №7 (70) August 2016

Guest online

The state, demanding enterprises to keep conservation measures, doesn’t hurry to perform their own duties
G. P. Y.


Basic factors of service sphere development in the conditions of market economy
M. B. D.

Organization internal fi nancial and tax control systems
O. D. A., S. Z. A., E. Z. M.

Decent work: from the dual labor market to social partnership
S. Y. G.

Effi ciency rise ways for Russian state fi nances’ management
M. P. N., A. K. R.

Retailing effi ciency’s problems on the example of pharmaceutical market
G. S. N.

Approval tools of innovative products’ and environment requirements’ parameters
Z. K. H.

Social Sciences

Intergenerational succession of spiritual and moral values in Russian society
D. V. Y.

Use possibilities of playback theatre tool in labor behavior management of personnel
A. G. D.

Civil participation: urgent problems of content and typology
A. Y. M.

From the information society to the knowledge-based society
A. K. B.

Improvement of educational services on the base of corporate knowledge’s management
M. L. V.

Social and legal functioning principles of state-legal institutions in the modern Russia
D. P. S.

The impact of education on the development of patriotic students
V. S. V.

University students’ educational risks: the contents and main features
M. S. V.


Pedagogical thought of Russian emigration in China in the beginning of 1920th
A. A. V., V. A. A.

Teacher’s phonostylistic competence as a necessary condition of foreign professional speech articulatory realization
I. G. I.

Psychological and pedagogical conditions of the holistic worldview forming at senior preschool age children
S. M. M.

The tour of innovative enterprise as a mean to train "innovative human"
V. F. Y.

Formation of communicative competence of the future specialists
M. K. N.

Structural components’ study of senior preschool children’s self-organization
V. C. E., A. G. S.