Issue №6 (69) June 2016

Guest online

«UFU is the only one Ural university which trains specialists with oriental studies specialty»
V. K. A.


Organizational and legal characteristics of Islamic banking. Comparison between commercial banks and Islamic banks
M. A. A.

Basic development ways of Russian retail in the new economic conditions
M. B. D.

Organizational and economic problems of legislation’s realization in the sphere of state defense order
A. D. Y., E. Y. V.

Russian finance system’s competitiveness
E. Y. R.

Credit portfolio optimization of commercial bank: methodical aspect
E. L. V.

The conceptual model of Norilsk industrial cluster
J. M. A.

Social Sciences

Sociological analysis of set function for alcohol consumption by teenagers
S. G. S.

Friendship networks structuring of mass media online communities
K. G. E.

Rural medical service system: the main functioning problems
M. K. V.

Importance of additional education for students from viewpoints of lecturers and courses’ organizers
A. S. D.

Agricultural enterprises’ liquidation influence on shift migration of villagers
V. F. Y.

Problems of army according to the youth’s opinion (according to the sociological survey’s results in the city of Berezniki, Perm Krai)
V. S. V., T. S. N.


Research competence formation for students of cadet boarding school
J. A. T.

Focal objects method’s capabilities in personality’s innovation assessment
E. B. S.

Popular art’s potential in culturological competence’s formation for students
T. V. N., V. M. V.

Development of creativity by increasing variety of student’s modal experience
E. G. A.

Technological aspects of teaching students a foreign professional-oriented communication
M. K. Y., T. B. S., V. T. V.

Problems of teaching tolerance and its formation in universities
O. M. N.