Issue №4 (67) April 2016

Guest online

“Visa in the world scientifi c and educational space”
M. J. A.


Modern state of Russian fi nancial markets: urgent problems and development perspectives
S. B. V., S. S. G.

Logical incrementalism as a method of modern organizations’ management
A. G. Y.

Investment fl ows’ stimulation in the concept of territory’s marketing
T. D. F., E. K. S.

Regional innovative activity development perspectives in modern conditions
A. I. S., A. V. M.

Regional aspect of import phase-out in the economy of Khanty-Mansi autonomous Okrug – Yugra
I. L. D.

Urgent problems of Russian enterprises’ innovative potential’s analysis
N. L. A.

Realization principles of the state and municipal purchases’ system
R. N. R.

Economic review and perspectives of Russian paper market

Economic policy of China in Africa
S. S.

The main ways of import phase-out state regulation in Russia
A. T. V.

Creative approach to innovative development of small enterprises
A. K. Y.

Analysis of the problems of the banking system in Russia and ways to improve its competitiveness
T. C. V.

Machine building complex’s economic development system in the industry of the Russian Federation
Z. Y. N., Z. G. H., K. A. H.

Social Sciences

Road traffi c safety: drivers and pedestrians’ opinions
A. A. R.

Theoretical and methodological approaches to the essence of social policy
K. V. A.

Matrimonial behavior’s features of modern youth
J. M. G.

Mass information technologies
na M. V.

Institutional development of preschool upbringing-educational institutions in modern Russia
S. R. G.

Career and professional models of it specialists: sociological aspect
N. S. N.


Self-development of students’ personalities in medical education: factor analysis and comparative diagnostics
I. B. D., V. B. V., V. N. V.

Studying anxiety as a psychological barrier for Russian language teaching in universities of Iran: reasons and overcoming
M. I.

Problem education technology’s realization in teaching profession-oriented English language
E. K. V., E. L. S.

The formation of preschool children holistic world view: the theoretical and methodological analysis
S. M. M.

Interaction of interactive methods at English lessons for high school students
E. T. M.