Issue №3 (66) March 2016

Guest online

"Only active attitude to yourself and people around, active, creative, personal and vigorous position will help to provide worthy status for human in the society"
I. K. F.


Euro zone crisis and its solution ways
S. V. A., J. B. M.

Social functions’ realization of municipalities with a help of outsourcing
O. D. A.

Analysis of Ryazan oblast labor potential quality
E. K. I., E. Y. V.

Investment in small businesses of Sverdlovsk oblast: problems and solution ways
B. O. G.

Crowdsourcing as way to solve social problems of small towns
O. P. A.

Coach labor and method of its assessment
K. S. A.

Competitiveness as a mechanism of providing economic security for enterprises of building industry in Russia
O. S. P.

Social Sciences

The problem of social conformity in most-modern sociology
D. A. K.

Theoretical and conceptual basics for sociological investigation of religious values
K. G. R.

Megalopolis as an object of social research
S. I. A., A. T. V.

Hotel service specialists as socially professional community: theoretical aspects
O. K. S.

Communicative activity as an attribute of modern social relations
V. M. M.

Social contrasts of rural culture in the conditions of village-forming enterprises
V. F. Y.


The problem of a postgraduate course program’s development for training teaching staff
A. I. I.

Some approaches to beauty motif’s studying at lessons of literature. On the example of “Beauties” by A.P. Chekhov
Ignatyenko R. A.

Motivational assessment at physical training lessons: setting problem experience
A. K. V., V. C. E.

Adaptation process accompaniment of pedagogical university freshmen: advisor’s experience
I. T. V.