Issue №2 (65) February 2016

Guest online

“Without studying people’s way of life, their values and behavior in ordinary life salutations, it is impossible to recall the true history”
O. Y. N.


Marketing communications’ development in integrated economic structures
N. B. V., D. M. V.

Minimization of account risks as a factor of organization’s fi nancial safety rise
O. K. N., M. M. Y., E. L. V.

Accounting report formation specifi city of small business enterprises
L. M. S., J. M. V.

Coordination of specialization and diversifi cation strategies in the process of industrial enterprise’s functioning
S. N. A., T. T. A.

Scientifi c and practical approaches to enterprises’ expenditures management
S. P. E., A. L. Y.

The economic development tendencies of Sverdlovsk oblast forest complex
E. S. N., N. P. K., M. K. L.

National payment system of Russia: appearance prerequisites and the current state
A. T. S., T. Z. A., E. K. S.

Integration problems of Russian Far East to the countries of Asia and pacifi c region
E. T. S., A. R. K., A. A. I.

Social Sciences

Gastronomic practices as an object of sociological analysis: research ways
N. A. L., O. P. I.

Societal system stability: the problem’s factor analysis
K. G. V.

Social position changing features of rural youth of Altai Krai
O. I. A.

Humanization features of organizational interaction in modern conditions
K. S. B.

Religion in the structure of values orientation of elder and young generations
V. S. V., I. P. M., T. S. N.


Technical university students’ teaching of refl ective activity during objectives’ solution
M. B. E.

Through case method application prerequisites for educational process optimization in universities
S. D. A., A. K. V.

Student youth preparedness to requirements of the “GTO” complex
A. K. V., N. E. V.

Teaching expressive reading as a mean for control action formation
I. P. M., E. Z. A.