Issue №11 (63) December 2015

Guest online

"The wealth of ethnic cultures is one of the main competitive advantages of Russia"
A. G. V.


Operational planning Toolkit of manufacturing company based on the method of budgeting
O. E. V.

Comparative analysis of difficulty labor criteria of management personnel
N. I. N., E. S. R.

The state of tourist-recreational complex of Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous Okrug – UGR
N. P. V.

Agglomerations in economics, their roles and development
G. S. N.

Innovations and their influence on agrarian sector
S. S. A., M. K. N.

Analysis of economic policy’s development of Russian regions. On the example of Chechen Republic
L. T. A.

Formation of modern approaches to interaction of economy and environment
A. J. Y., N. B. V.

Social Sciences

The role of socially oriented non-commercial organizations in innovations’ development in the region’s social sphere
J. A. Y., A. K. P.

Social and economic aspects of innovations’ introduction problems in the sphere of nature management
M. B. Y.

Use of non-classical socio-communicative technologies in practical activity of mediators
K. G. E.

Sociological imagination and studying of law in juridical sociology
V. G. A.

Informal education of adults in the context of socio-cultural modernization of society
I. K. V.

The region’s social policy in the conditions of interethnic relations. On the research materials in the Tuva Republic
A. M. A.


Self-education skills formation method for future technicians-programmer
T. A. V.

Methodical supply of future bachelors’ training to professional objectives solution
O. B. V.

Organizational and pedagogical conditions of application model’s introduction of multimedia technologies in professional education
N. V. O.

Latent education as one of the musical lessons organization forms for gifted children
A. G. O.

Physics teaching experience of foreign students in Russian Medical Universities
S. K. A.

Socio-pedagogical aspects of inclusive educational process
J. M. V.

Advanced training of pedagogical staff in the Republic of Kalmykia in 1918-1938
N. N. A.

Features of professionally focused excursions to industrial production
N. S. B., T. G. B.