Issue №10 (62) November 2015

Guest online

\"The present is a metaphor caused by our happiness and our damnation\"
V. K. I., V. K. I., V. K. I.


The features of economic space’s analysis in the conditions of globalization
T. A. Y., A. M. A., O. S. V.

Pensionary reforms: ways and results of the transformation
L. V. I., N. A. A., V. Z. A.

The role of government regulation of tourist and recreational resources of regions
А. D. Е., I. K. R.

Economy’s development dynamic’s evaluation of ivory coast
Pepe Z. K.

Conceptual view over transformational conglomerate of private property relations
G. L. I., I. C. A.

Calculation methodology of specifying coefficients of self-sufficiency (independence) with foodstuffs (on the example of Nizhny Novgorod Oblast)

Theoretical problems of calculation formulae development of transfers in inter-budget relations
O. S. I.

Institutional aspects of investments in the economy of Perm krai
V. S. E., E. S. A.

Labor potential of university’s excellent graduate in the frames of innovative development state strategy’s realization

Social Sciences

The factors influence on appearance of social loneliness phenomenon
E. A. V.

Satisfaction of the population social environment municipal formation (on the example of Belgorod)
Y. A. V., A. T. A., S. T. V.

Mass and “big” sports: interaction and development models

Concept of ideal types as a methodological base for prognostic family construction
F. I. A.

The essence of social competitiveness phenomenon
M. L. S.

Factors determining the social well-being of the population in modern conditions
A. M. V., N. S. I., S. K. V.

Activity transformation of social and cultural space of tourist service
S. R. A., E. K. A.

Domestic violence as a social problem in modern Russia
A. S. J.

Studying of social and professional mobility of engineers by means of biographical information analysis
O. S. R.


Filling the fund of evaluative means of discipline form the position of competence approach
A. K. A.

Development and realization of joint educational programs as a factor of education results’ quality rise
J. K. V., E. S. V.

Formation of professional communicative foreign language competence in higher school
M. K. V.

Quality management for projecting and realization of educational programs in universities: the concept
M. C. Y.

Formation of qualities for competitive graduate of university by means of foreign language
T. S. I.