Issue №7 (59) August 2015

Guest online

«Today in Russia only a small part of clusters has reached the stage of practical realization»
V. A. A.


The model of service audit in an organization of higher education
T. A. I., A. M. A.

Problems and prospects of «green» economy in Russia
N. D. A., M. P. V., L. M. I., E. S. V.

Evaluation of enterprise’s tax burden by the method of federal tax service
I. I. Y.

The social infrastructure of the territory and the formation of labor resources
A. I. A., S. I. V.

Geographical peculiarities of stable poverty in USA
M. K. E.

Global market of hydrocarbon resources: the place of Russian companies of oil and gas complex
N. K. P.

The analysis of domestic and foreign practices in innovations’ realization in social sphere
S. T. V., I. K. V., S. M. V.

The role of hotel cluster in improvement of the region’s life quality
J. T. G.

Method of calculation of leasing payments in health system
D. Y. H.

Social Sciences

Crowdsourcing as a new socio-communicative technology
V. V. V., A. K. I.

The concept «statehood» in the Kosovo declaration for the International Court of Justice UN in 2008
M. G. O.

Meaning and taking of state symbols in the modern Russian society
G. K. D.

Education for adults: sociological view
E. K. L.

Sociological problems of organizational-managerial activity’s research
K. S. B.


Pedagogical activity of Russian naval officers in Tunisia in 1920th
A. A. V., V. A. A.

Organizational conditions of student’s socialization pedagogical support in higher educational institution
E. B. S.

Using virtual laboratory workshops in the educational process of a technical university
E. Z. I.

The content of mathematical training of students at technical college
L. K. N.

Professional self-development of medical student’s personality: motivational and value aspect
V. N. V.

Model representation of teacher’s prognostic skills’ development process
T. S. A.

Academic speech of students as a criterion of understanding
A. C. L.

Moral self-determination of future bachelor: the main characteristics
K. Y. V.

Graduate employability: the requirements of Russian and foreign employers
M. D. M., E. G. E.