Issue №6 (58) June 2015

Guest online

«At the end of 90th the most part of entrepreneurs left institutional and legislative regulation»
K. S. P.


Optimization of enterprise’s price policy with a help of genetic algorithm
A. B. G., V. J. N.

An element of strategic management of building-industrial corporate group
N. I. N., A. Y. A.

Statistic categories as a fundamental basis for regional structural policy development
T. K. Y.

Urgent tendencies of corporate media industry development
J. P. A.

Influence of world oil price on economies of oil-exporter countries
E. R.

Availability degree of residential property in the conditions of economic uncertainty
S. S. G., L. P. Y., M. K. L.

Educational service quality’s realization in the frames of efficient contract’s introduction
O. S. V., O. S. N.

Social Sciences

Social and economic factors for population movement in the republic of North Ossetia-Alaina
L. B. K.

Family’s role in directive formation of teenagers’ alcohol consumption
S. G. S.

Factors, which determine the choice of liberal arts education among school leavers
A. G. D.

Social activity formation factors of modern college students
A. Z. P.

Use of photos in social research: opportunities and limits
A. O. A.

The problem of incompatibility of nature and technology in social system
S. S. A.

Need for students’ additional education
A. S. D.

Leisure time as a scientific category: variety of approaches to study
I. S. O.


Optimising foreign-language professional training of bachelors of pedagogical education
E. V. Y.

Formation of professional communicative competences for future medical workers at the stage of education at high schools
V. V. V., V. N. V.

The use of business games in teaching it-disciplines
E. Z. I.

Getting of speaking skills is an unachievable dream for the most part of Persian-speaking students
M. E.

Aesthetic taste formation process modeling for junior schoolchildren by means of design
A. K. M.